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Renate Kratochvil

Postdoctoral Fellow - Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship


Parker, Andrew; Tippmann, Esther & Kratochvil, Renate (2018)

Accessing diverse knowledge for problem solving in the MNC: A network mobilization perspective

Global Strategy Journal Doi: 10.1002/gsj.1311

The fundamental challenge of problem solving is synthesizing diverse knowledge for solution development. This article addresses the trade‐off between knowledge diversity, that is, approaching the most relevant individual to maximize the likelihood that he/she possesses diverse knowledge and the ability to access, that is, recognize and assimilate this knowledge. We examine this trade‐off in relation to managers in subsidiaries of multinational corporations (MNCs) and two types of diverse knowledge—novel knowledge and specialist expertise. We use a network mobilization perspective and arguments on network range within and across organizational boundaries, testing our hypotheses on a dataset of 838 ties from 120 managers leading problem‐solving projects. Our study offers implications for the knowledge‐based view of the MNC as well as the problem‐solving perspective in strategy.

Kratochvil, Renate (2018)

"Solving Local Problems and Seizing Global Opportunities: An Analysis of Individuals’ Knowledge Search Behavior in MNCs"

[Academic lecture]. Nomination for the Gunnar Hedlund Best Dissertation Award 2016-2018.

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2017 Vienna University of Economics and Business PhD