Webinar: How to build an innovation culture

The public sector urgently needs innovation to meet tomorrow’s expectations. The increasingly demanding public wants efficient and user-friendly services, preferably yesterday. A lot of people have learned the lingo of innovation. Most public organisations have an innovation team. And, innovation strategies are being written all over the world.

Yet, innovation is more than theory; innovation is also implementation. As Peter Drucker said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. How can we build a culture for innovation in the public sector? Which barriers and enablers do we encounter? What does it require to work successfully with innovation in the public sector?

Practical information

  • Time:Tuesday, April 20, 2021 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Location:This webinar will be online. One day before this event we will send you the link.
  • Price:Free of charge

Organised by the international Design in Government community:

  • D-box – National Center for Transforming public services , consisting of DOGA (Design and Architecture Norway, AHO (the Oslo School of architecture and design) and BI (Norwegian business school)
  • Forum for service design, a network of professionals in the Municipality of Oslo
  • The Dutch community Gebruiker Centraal (User Needs First)
  • The Secretariat of Innovation and Digital Transformation from the City of Buenos Aires (TBD)


Thomas Hoholm

Head of institute for strategy and entrepreneurship at Norwegian Business School.
The importance of leadership in building an innovation culture.

Jeroen Vonk

Innovation designer at NOVUM, a Dutch innovation lab
How to make government innovation fun? Breaking through boundaries is needed so we can provide a better life.

Agustina Maggiore (City of Buenos Aires)

Innovation Manager at Buenos Aires City Government
Distributed collaboration: Fostering cross-agency partnership in Buenos Aires city Gov.

Pauline Carnet (Policylab, UK)

Best practice examples from UK policy lab.


More keynotes and information about the presentations will follow.

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