• Starts:19:00, 25 February 2021
  • Ends:20:15, 25 February 2021
  • Location:Digital on Zoom

Dear MBA Alumni,
In this ExecuTalk we will focus on the topic of AI, where 2 subject matter experts, will discuss today's trends around this controversial, exciting and rapidly changing topic.

Please find speakers and topics for discussion outlined below:

“AI trends in 2021, following up the hype cycle from 2020” by Arturo Opsetmoen Amador
Artificial intelligence has powered many of our interactions for several years. From intelligent assistants to recommender systems (i.a. Netflix, Amazon), to robot vacuum cleaners, AI is embedded in our lives. Just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, today it is difficult to think of any industry where AI will not have a transformative effect in the next several years.
AI, however, comes with its challenges. It is often over-hyped, and disillusionment is a natural consequence of this. Join us in this presentation where we will go through some of the fields and applications of AI that have captured the attention of several industries in 2020. We will see where in Gartner's hype cycle they are, and we will see which ones are already being used in innovative ways in the industry.


Speaker: Arturo Opsetmoen Amador Ph.D, EMBA specializing in AI and Data Science at Capgemeni
Arturo is a technologist born in Mexico that has been living in northern Europe since 2010. He holds a Ph.D. in physics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and an Executive MBA with a specialization in managing and developing digital enterprises from the BI Norwegian Business School BI in Oslo. He has more than ten years of working experience in different technical projects, both from industry and research. During his working experience, Arturo has taken diverse roles, from lead data scientist to strategic advisor.

“Why AI is our best friend during and after the COVID-19 world and makes a deep impact of Data driven decisioning in real world scenarios and our daily lives” by Anoop Sharma
Please join to hear How COVID-19 has created heavy acceleration in the world of AI and Digital transformation and touched the lives of every human being in many practical aspects. We will examine how leaders have used intelligent decisioning frameworks and solutions worldwide across industries and are realizing the benefits every day. We have realized the power of AI in saving lives, in keeping us safe, in making a difference in saving jobs, improving efficiencies, reducing risks and increasing sustainability. With the power of AI and data, Leaders are doing differently with Data, transforming customer experience, increasing productivity, creating higher employee engagement and enhancing planning and execution. What are the key principles of success in this journey? Please join Anoop to hear why there is a big push in multiple industries to accelerate the AI journey and what questions are being asked and what is being done to get the best of business outcomes through Data and Analytics.

Speaker: Anoop Sharma, AI lead at Cognizant Nordics
Anoop is leading Cognizant’s AI and Analytics practice in Nordics and South Europe. He is a well-known thought leader in the field of AI and analytics with 20+ years of experience in executing many complex data and digital transformation programs focusing on business outcomes across Insurance, banking, logistics, manufacturing, communications, and services industries. Anoop leads a highly talented team of Data and AI practitioners and works closely with CXOs and business leaders to design and deliver AI driven solutions around customer experience, revenue optimization, operational efficiency, process optimization, knowledge mining, Sustainability, Privacy, Ethics and Compliance.