International Student Perspective Info Session: Jobs in Norway

Can I work in Norway as an international student?

Get a Fresh Perspective!

We bet these questions are on your mind as you decide where to study:

  • Can I work while I am studying at BI?
  • Are there internships available for international students?
  • Can I work in Norway after I graduate?

Short answer:  Yes.

International students can work part-time, get internships, and work in Norway after graduation.

Tzu-Wei and Meagan will share their perspectives and their experience navigating the world of part time jobs, internships, and job hunting as an international student in Norway.

This will be an online interactive information session so bring your questions for Meagan and Tzu-Wei.

Practical information

  • Time:Tuesday, 16 March 2021 17:00 - 18:00
  • Location:Online

Tzu-Wei from Tawain

Bachelor of Business Administration & Master of Science in Business Analytics

Meagan from USA

Master of Science in Strategic Marketing Management