Let us make a better world together

Retirement event at BI Norwegian Business School for Professor Morten Huse

  • Starts:11:00, 24 September 2021
  • Ends:15:30, 24 September 2021
  • Location:Online webinar
  • Contact:Morten Huse (morten.huse@bi.no)

“Ritorno al Passato” - Professor Morten Huse retired from BI Norwegian Business School this year. BI is now inviting you to attend a retirement conference in contribution to Morten. Morten has been professor at BI for 20 years, and during these years he has had considerable international contributions, e.g. as visiting professor at several universities, leadership in international scholarly associations, mentoring champions for change, highly cited publication, and involvement in international politics and practice on topics about corporate governance and gender issues.

“Let us make a better world together” is a title influenced by the theme of the 2022 Academy of Management Conference. This is also a challenge Morten wants to bring further as an important message from his scholarship. The retirement conference will take place at BI on September 24th. Virtual participation is open and you are welcome to attend. During the conference twenty five leading scholars from various countries will pay tribute to professor Morten Huse. Their contributions will be presented in three sections – reflecting different parts of his scholarship.




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  • Time
  • Title
  • Let us make a better world together

    Welcome and introduction – Sut I Wong, Head of Department Communication and Culture, BI

    • Silke Machold, Professor and Vice President, Wolverhampton University, UK
    • Wafa Khlif, Head of the Accounting Auditing and Control Lab, TBS education in Barcelona, Spain
    • Vartika, PhD, National Institute of Disaster Management, India
    • Janicke Rasmussen, Associate Professor and Dean BI/Jan Ketil Arnulf, Professor BI
    • Samuel Mercier, Professor and Dean University of Bourgogne, Dijon, France
    • Kyla Basden, Bahamas and Radek Tyl, Czech Repl., Students International Business Environment 2020
    • Andrea Bührmann, Professor and Vice President Göttingen University, Germany
    • Thomas Durand, Professor Cnam Paris, France and former President EURAM
  • Break and finger food

  • Boards, corporate governance and value creation

    Introduction – Professor Torger Reve, Former President BI

    • Thomas Clarke, Professor and Cadbury chair, UT Sydney, Australia
    • Coral Ingley, Associate Professor Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
    • Aga Golebiowska, Professor Warsaw Business School, Poland
    • Amedeo Pugliese, Associate Professor University of Padova, Italy
    • Patricia Gabaldon, Associate Professor and Vice Dean, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain
    • Jonas Gabrielsson, Professor and Vice Dean Halmstad University, Sweden
    • Hans van Ees, Professor University of Groningen, Netherlands
      Alessandro Zattoni, Professor LUISS, Rome Italy and President International CG Society
  • Coffee break

  • Value driven research

    Introduction – Gillian Warner-Søderholm, Professor and HoD USN, Norway

    • Sibel Yamak, Professor Wolverhampton University, UK and former President EURAM
    • Andrea Calabro, Professor and Global Academic Director, IPAG Business, Nice, France
    • Mattias Nordqvist, Professor Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
    • Yannick Bammens, Associate Professor Maastricht University, Netherlands
    • Cathrine Seierstad, Professor USN, Norway
    • Hannah Möltner, Professor FOM, Essen, Germany
    • Celia D’Anca, Professor and Director Diversity Institute, IE Business School, Spain
    • Rado Bohinc, Professor U of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Ritorno al Passato

    Some reflections from Morten - Adjourn



Amedeo Pugliese

Amedeo Pugliese is Professor of Accounting at the University of Padua (ITALY) and currently long-term Visiting Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (SPAIN). Amedeo earned his PhD from the University of Naples ‘Federico II’ and held positions at the University of Naples, QUT (Australia), KUL (Belgium). His pilgrimage across universities started at the BI Norwegian School of Business in 2008. His research interests span across corporate governance, financial regulation, and role of information across individuals and firms. Yet he is not too serious about those: he fundamentally agrees with Prof Huse’s motto ‘life is too short to drink bad wine’ and acknowledges the risks coming along with this philosophy. 

Title of Presentation

When Breaking the Glass(-Ceiling) of Board Research has Spillovers (on your laptop)


Half-serious, half-ironic. From WBW (Which Board Wins?) to WBW (Wine Board and Women). A recount of Prof. Huse impact on thinking, life and laptops. A legacy that started a long way before retirement: between serendipity and intentionality.

Hannah Möltner

Hannah Möltner is Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at FOM University of Applied Sciences and Scientific Director of eufom Business School (Essen, Germany). She studied Psychology (B.Sc., M.Sc.) in Bochum (Germany) and Vienna (Austria). After having worked as an HR consultant in Vienna, she completed her PhD in Management at Witten/Herdecke University (Germany). Her research interests include leadership, motivation, and gender diversity in private and public sectors. She is board member of Zonta Dortmund Phoenix, a service organization that serves the mission to empower women. She enjoys mountaineering, hiking, and jogging.

Title of Presentation

Women’s Leadership Motivation in Academia – Practical Lessons


The presentation links to Alice Rossi’s article “Women in science: Why so few?” and provides two practical learnings from a Norwegian-German study.

Silke Machold

Silke Machold is Dean of Research and Professor of Corporate Governance at the University of Wolverhampton. She is a Fellow of the European Academy of Management, where she previously served as Vice-President. Her research interests are in board processes, behaviors and feminist perspectives on corporate governance, and she teaches and consults on these topics. She was the principal investigator of several EU-funded projects related to boards and board diversity.

Under her leadership, the University of Wolverhampton became a signatory to DORA and the Researcher Development Concordat, a member of the UK Reproducibility Network and the Universities’ Policy Engagement Network.

Title of Presentation

Let’s talk mental health


Silke will discuss the unfolding mental health crisis in academia and how we may collectively address it.

Yannick Bammens

Yannick Bammens is Associate Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship at Universiteit Maastricht (UM) (Netherlands). He obtained his PhD at Universiteit Hasselt (Belgium), where he did research on boards of directors in family firms. His current research centres on corporate innovation in the setting of midsize (family-owned) companies, exploring these firms’ strong-points and challenges related to ecological innovation and digital technology (AI) adoption, to name a few. His work has been published in several academic journals (e.g., Journal of Management) and practitioner outlets (e.g., Harvard Business Review). Yannick is also programme leader of the MSc Entrepreneurship & Business Development at UM.

Title of Presentation

Governance of value networks


To improve their value creation potential, companies are increasingly joining forces in network structures – which requires a shift from corporate governance to network governance.

Patricia Gabaldón

Patricia Gabaldón is an Associate Professor of economic environment at IE Business School and Academic Director of Economics at the School of Global and Public Affairs, at IE University. PhD in Economics, she has developed her research around the role of women in the economy and its effects in economic growth and sustainability. She will talk about the importance of women and gender diversity in leadership positions and boards, focusing on the relevance of women on the impact on goals and processes at the board and later, on the sustainable side of boards, firms and economies.

Title of Presentation

The role of women and gender diversity on boards and sustainability.

Agnieszka Słomka-Gołębiowska

Agnieszka Słomka-Gołębiowska is a purpose-driven academic, board member, mentor, helping companies fulfil their commitments to social sustainability through profitable strategies. Her experiences on boards along with academic perspectives give her deep insights into gender equality and diversity related matters. She takes personal accountability to create diversity through opportunities. She is a Vital Voices and Bank of America Partnership Global Ambassador on women entrepreneurship and empowerment. As a Fulbright Fellow (Haas Business School, Berkeley University cooperated with Prof. Oliver Williamson Nobel Prize Winner) and Alexander von Humboldt Fellow (Hertie School of Governance), she strongly believes in harnessing individual actions as a catalyst for global change. 

Title of Presentation

G for gender in sustainability agenda? Where gender sits in the ESG and sustainability agenda?


The aim of the presentation is to if and how women on boards contribute to company’s sustainability.

Sut I Wong

Sut I Wong is Professor of communication and leadership at BI Norwegian Business School and an adjunct faculty at University of Ljubljana and Research Scientist at SINTEF Digital. She is also a co-Director of the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society at BI. Beside academic work, Sut I is highly involved in the industry and she currently is an advisory board member of two tech start-ups. She received her PhD in Organizational Psychology from BI Norwegian Business School, and a DBA from Catholic University of Portugal. She was also a research scholar in SCANCOR at Stanford University and Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Sut I’s research interests center on leadership, employee proactivity, new ways of working, digital teams, team innovation and coordination, focusing on the role of leadership on employee engagement in digital transformation. Beside invited talks and seminars by the industry, her work is published in esteemed scientific journals such as The Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Management, Human Relations, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management Journal, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, California Management Review, etc.

Dr. Celia de Anca

Dr. Celia de Anca is currently the Deputy Dean for Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion, and the Director of the Center for Diversity in Global Management at IE University, where she is also a  professor of Diversity and Islamic Finance. She is the Author of Beyond Tribalism (McMillan 2012) and co-author of Managing Diversity in the Global Organization. (McMillan 2007).  She is a member of the Ethics Committee of InverCaixa’ s Ethics Fund. She has received the award of the women executive of the year 2008 by ASEME and is listed at the 2013 top50 thinkers ranking of global management thinkers. Prof. Celia de Anca is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Arabic.  

Title of Presentation

Value driven research:  What Values?, Whose values?


A short analysis of some of the reflections about research I had with Prof. Morten over the last 14 years.


Vartika is a Junior Research Officer at the National Institute of Disaster Management, Ministry of Home Affairs, India. She earned her PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University in 2019 and worked on gender-quota in Norwegian Public Limited Companies. Her research interests span across women in leadership positions, intersectionality and diversity in business and business ethics. She is also associated with an NGO which works in one of the remotest parts of India which works in the field of women’s rights, education and empowerment. She is a poet and is fond of travelling and knowing/writing about different people and cultures.

Title of Presentation

Diversity and overlapping identities in business: The case of caste and gender


The presentation will focus on questions like: Is the caste system disappearing? Are social caste hierarchies being replaced by competing equalities? Where are the ‘low-caste’ women in the leadership positions? It intends to look at the question of diversity from the perspective of intersectionality.

Mattias Nordqvist

Mattias Nordqvist, Ph.D. is Professor in Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship at the House of Innovation (HOI), Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). He also a Professor at Center for Family Entrepreneurship and Ownership (CeFEO), Jönköping International Business School, Sweden. Mattias teaching, research and outreach activities concentrate on entrepreneurship, strategic renewal and governance in closely held, private companies, in particular, family businesses. He focuses on both start-ups/new ventures and established companies. Current research projects focus on new venture creation and governance, sustainability in large family-controlled businesses, entrepreneurship and strategic renewal in family businesses and the role of literature and fiction to understand entrepreneurship and management. Mattias is an Associate Editor of Family Business Review.

Title of Presentation

Purpose and passion: Governance in Family Firms


Mattias will talk about why it is important to understand the underlying logic driving many family businesses understand the unique governance challenges in this type of business.

Thomas Durand

Thomas Durand heads the department of Strategies and the International Institute of Management at Cnam in Paris. His research interests focus on organizational competence, technology strategy, intrapreneurship and the management of innovation. Over the last 15 years, he has also been studying extensively Business Schools and the future of management education and research. A former President of EURAM (European Academy of Management) and former president of both the French Management Society (SFM) and (AIMS) he is a EURAM Fellow and a BAM Fellow (British Academy of Management).

Beyond his academic activities, he founded CMI, a strategy consultancy. He has worked extensively for large manufacturing companies. He is a columnist whose videos on management and strategy are broadcasted on Xerfi Canal.

Hans van Ees

Hans van Ees is Professor of Corporate governance and institutions, Faculty of Economics and Business and between 2013 –2020 founding Dean of the University College Groningen, University of Groningen. He contributes to studying Value Creating Boards and publishes research on corporate governance institutions, theory of business groups, board of directors, sustainable corporate performance and (international) strategy. Hans van Ees is and has been associated with journals such as  Corporate governance: an international review, Journal of International Business Studies and European Management Review. He is fellow of the research institute Systems, Organization and Management (SOM) and academic fellow of European Academy of Management. Hans van Ees has been visiting professor at Boston University, USA, and visiting professor at LUISS University, Rome and is regularly involved in consultancy and research for private and public organizations and the Dutch government on the principles of good governance.

Hans van Ees has been engaged in the management of academic education in several positions. Before founding the University College in Groningen, he served as director of education of the Faculty of Economics between 1997 -2001, programme  director MSc International and Economics and Business, 2008-2011 and chair, department Global Economics and Management from 2011 – 2013. He has been a member of NVAO- and AACSB accreditation committees for the MSc programs in Economics in the Netherlands. Between 2010 - 2013, he was Vice President European Academy of Management, EIASM, Brussels and between 2017-2020 he was a member of the Supervisory Board of the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health, Groningen

Title of Presentation 

The Past, Present and Future of the Value Creating Board (together with Jonas Gabrielsson and Alessandro Zattoni) 

Jonas Gabrielsson

Jonas Gabrielsson is professor and Vice Dean at the School of Business, Innovation and Sustainability, Halmstad University. He is teaching and doing research in areas such as innovation, entrepreneurship, corporate governance and management control systems. He is publishing his research in international scientific journals and many of his research projects is done in collaboration with industrial and public partners. Examples of current projects include the acceleration of start-ups in university-based entrepreneurship ecosystems, corporate governance practices in entrepreneurial firms, and the development of cost efficient and sustainable waste disposable systems in municipalities.  

Title of Presentation

Past, Present and Future of VCB  (together with Hans van Ees and Alessandro Zattoni) 


The presentation will review and reflect on the value creation board (VCB) program in terms of events and networks, objectives and frameworks, and methods and results. 

Coral Ingley

Associate Professor at Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand

Title of Presentation

AI, Future Value Creation, Transparency and Governance


According to Kai-Fu Chen (2021), AI could dramatically change human society in the next 20 years but it can also create detrimental externalities and risks e.g. when one company, or a few, possess so much data from users. Can human board directors harness the power of AI to assist with wise governance for the betterment of society?

Gillian Warner-Søderholm

Gillian Warner-Søderholm is Professor of Cross Cultural Management and Head of the Department of Business, Strategy and Political Science at University of South- Eastern Norway Business School. After the honor of completing 24 years as a faculty member at BI (8 of these years as Head of Department of Communication and Culture), Gillian is now highly involved in faculty development, development of a new PhD in Management and in industry partnership development at USN. She works closely with Kongsberg Innovation, USN’s innovation incubator centre and Drammen municipality board for growth in business and society to develop new business and research eco-systems for her university. She received her doctorate in management from University of Reading, UK. Gillian’s research interests center on understanding follower-leadership across cultures, Women on Boards and communication and trust in working digitally.

Cathrine Seierstad

Cathrine Seierstad is Professor of Management at the University of South-Eastern Norway and Professor II at Kristiania University College, Norway. Her research is inter-disciplinary and located within the fields of organizations, management and leadership and sociology of work with a particular focus on diversity and inclusion in organizations, HRM, corporate governance, women on corporate boards and the use of quotas to increase diversity. Her research spans multiple levels, including micro (individual), meso (organizational) and macro (national) levels. The overarching theme of her research, which is visible in the different fields and foci of analysis, is that of diversity and inclusion.

Title of Presentation

Quotas as a catalyst for further diversity?


This presentation will reflect on the need for further initiatives to increase diversity and inclusion on boards and beyond.

Torger Reve

Professor Torger Reve currently holds the Wilh Wilhelmsen Chair in Strategy and Industrial Competitiveness at BI Norwegian Business School, where he also heads the Center for Maritime Competitiveness.

Kyla Basden

Kyla was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. In 2018, she moved to Oslo, Norway to pursue her undergraduate degree in International Business at BI Norwegian Business School. She has a. passion for Law, human rights and foreign policy. Ms. Basden was a member of BI’s inaugural team at the 28th Willem C. Vis International Arbitration Moot and has had the privilege of understudying a United Nations Human Rights Committee member. She is currently in pursuit of her Msc in Business with a specialization in Leadership and Change.

Title of Presentation

The Illusionary Divide (together with Radek Tyl)


The discovery of how ‘otherness’ can be ameliorated through human connectivity. A personal story of two different backgrounds fighting for the same objective.

Radek Tyl

Radek was born in Ostrava, the Czech Republic, and lived in a multitude of countries, including the United States and Canada. After graduating in 2018 from secondary school in Alberta, Canada, Radek pursued a bachelor’s degree in International Business at BI Norwegian Business School. Throughout his undergraduate studies, Radek discovered his passion for business law and global politics, thus, participated in the 28th Willem C. Vis International Arbitration Moot and undertook managerial positions at business-oriented associations at BI. Currently, Radek works as a teaching assistant at BI and is applying to Juris Doctor programs in the United States.

Title of Presentation 

The Illusionary Divide (together with Kyla Basden)


The discovery of how ‘otherness’ can be ameliorated through human connectivity. A personal story of two different backgrounds fighting for the same objective.

Samuel Mercier

Samuel Mercier is a Full Professor of Management in the Institute of Business Administration (IAE Dijon) at the University of Burgundy, France.

He is currently the Dean of IAE Dijon and the head of the Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management.

He earned his Ph.D. in Management from the Paris Dauphine University (1997) and graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) of Saclay.

His research investigates the institutionalization of Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in the governance of corporations.

Title of Presentation

The Revival of Purpose in Organizations?


The aim of the presentation is to analyze the renewed concept of Raison d’Être (Business Roundtable in the US, Pacte Law in France): its interest and its limitations for the organizations.

Wafa Khlif

Wafa Khlif is Professor of Management Accounting at Toulouse Business School, Barcelona, Spain and Head of the Accounting, Auditing and Control Lab at TBS, Toulouse, France. Her research interests are in board director efficiency, corporate board roles, duties and composition as well as issues in accounting and audit. She is former president of The Accounting Tunisian Association (now, VP), and acted as Faculty Dean at ISCAE, University of Manouba. She sat as director at the Francophone Accounting Association board. Her research has been published in various leading and international journals such as International Small Business Journal, Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Journal of African Business, Society and Business review, Technovation.

Alessandro Zattoni

Alessandro Zattoni is Full Professor of Strategy and Dean of the Business and Management Department at LUISS University Rome. Before joining LUISS, he held faculty positions at Bocconi University of Milan and Parthenope University of Naples. Alessandro is President of the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) and Fellow of the European Academy of Management (EURAM). He has been co-editor in chief of Corporate Governance: An International Review.

Alessandro has been working closely with Morten since they met at Bocconi almost twenty years ago. At the conference he will make a presentation together with Hans van Ees and Jonas Gabrielsson.

Thomas Clarke

Thomas Clarke is professor at University of Technology Sydney (UTS). He is an international corporate governance expert and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Thomas Clarke was appointed to the first chair in corporate governance in the UK in 1992, in time for the publication of the Cadbury Report and its great impact on the conduct of international corporate governance. He contributed to the development of international corporate governance standards at the OECD during the original formulation of the OECD Corporate Governance Principles (1999) and for the UN delivered a research paper on Sustainable Finance (2016) for the UNEP Finance Initiative. He is the Inaugural Sir Adrian Cadbury Scholar of the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) that represents $54 trillion institutional investor funds. He has published more than 30 books, 70 book chapters, and 69 academic journal articles on subjects including international corporate governance, sustainability, strategy, innovation, and knowledge management. Thomas and Morten enjoys hanging out together, and Thomas has hosted Morten as honorary visiting professor at UTS.

Rado Bohinc

Rado Bohinc is full professor of comparative business and European Union (EU) law and principal researcher at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Faculty of Social Sciences (UL FDV). He has been lecturing and researching since early 1990. He has a background as politician, including being minister of education in Jugoslavia and positions as minister positions of education and of internal affairs in Slovenia. He has been dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana and President of the University of Primorska. He is an important contributor in discussions about corporate systems and the future of corporate governance. Rado was an active contributor in the EQPOWEREC project between BI and the University of Ljubljana. He has been several times at BI with Morten.

Andrea D. Bührmann

After studying sociology, philosophy and political science, Andrea D. Bührmann obtained her doctorate from the University of Münster in 1995. Since 2011 she has held the position of full professor at the University of Göttingen. In 2013 she became the founding director of the Göttingen Diversity Research Institute. Morten Huse was then invited to be the chairperson of the board (Beirat) of the institute.

From 2015 to 2017, Andrea D. Bührmann was University Vice President for Studies and Teaching, and, following her re-election, she was University Vice President for Studies and Teaching, Equality and Diversity from 2017 to 2021. Andrea has been a visiting scholar at several universities, including at the University of California, Berkeley.

She will at the conference have a presentation on Reflexive Diversity with considerations about its normative foundation. The presentation identifies links between the reflexive diversity research program and Morten Huse’s new book on Resolving the crisis in research by changing the game.

Andrea Calabrò

Andrea Calabrò is Director of the IPAG Entrepreneurship & Family Business Center and Professor of Family Business & Entrepreneurship at IPAG Business School, France. He is Global Academic Director of the STEP (Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices) Project Global Consortium (www.thestepproject.org). He has published journal articles on family firms, internationalization, and corporate governance in leading international journals such as: Strategic Management Journal, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Family Business Review, Harvard Business Review, Journal of Business Ethics, and Journal of Small Business Management. His latest book “A Research Agenda for Family Business: A Way Ahead for the Field” has been published with Edward Elgar Publishing and sets the stage for a shift in the family business debate. He has published also several practice-oriented family business reports such as the STEP-KPMG 2020 Global Family Business Case Report. His research has appeared in different practitioners-oriented outlets such as The Wall Street Journal. He serves as advisor to family businesses and coaches next generation members. 

Title of Presentation

Reflecting on “Our” Journey and the Family Business Research Field


In this presentation I’d like reflecting on my/our research journey which has been closely linked to Morten’s academic activities. Looking back at the starting point, reflecting on the main stages of such journey and where we are right now also offers the opportunity to pitch where we’d like to go in the future. Short memories, stories and pictures will help me during the presentation, of course without forgetting to mention few academic reflections on the Family Business Research Field (and not only).