The Norwegian psychometrics gathering

The Norwegian psychometrics gathering is a yearly workshop for methodological and applied researchers within the field of psychometrics.

  • Starts:12:00, 14 December 2022
  • Ends:16:30, 14 December 2022
  • Location:BI campus Oslo, A2-075
  • Contact:Ulf Henning Olsson (ulf.h.olsson@bi.no)

Steffen Grønneberg and Ulf Henning Olsson invite to «The Norwegian Psychometrics Gathering» 14th of December 2022 at BI. This is a collaborative project between department of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, department of Economics and CEMO (Centre for Educational Measurement) at University of Oslo.

Preliminary program

  • 12.00 – 13.00: Lunch
  • 13.00-14.00: Applications of Psychometrics:
  1. Albert Satorra (UPF/BI) - "Consequences of measurement error and how to deal with it"
  2. Dominique Kost (OsloMet) - "Measuring psychological job control: one or two-dimensional construct?"
  3. Malte Runge (OsloMet)- “Modeling Motive Activation in Implicit Motive Tests: A Psychometric Analysis Using Dynamic Thurstonian Item Response Theory”
  • 14.15-15.15: Estimation Methods:
  1. David Kreiberg (BI) - "A Faster Procedure for Estimating SEMs Applying Minimum Distance Estimators With a Fixed Weight Matrix"
  2. Njål Foldnes (UIS) - "How robust is ordinal SEM?"
  3. Björn Andersson (UiO, CEMO) - "Fast estimation of longitudinal generalized linear latent variable models for ordinal, count, and continuous data"
  • 15.30–16.30: Psychometric Theory:
  1. Jonas Moss (BI) - "On Cronbach's Alpha"
  2. Letty Koopman (UiO, CEMO) - "Nonparametric item response theory for multilevel test data"
  3. Kseniia Marcq (UiO, CEMO) "Gender differences in item nonresponse in the PISA 2018 student questionnaire"

A social event is planned for the evening.