I’m a buyer - and it’s a great feeling!

31 March 2008

Former BI student Matthew E. Hillman (30) is fulfilling his dream on Wall Street - gambling with other people’s money.

Matthew  from Houston, Texas fell in love with Norway during a summer holiday and decided to stay. His fascination of the stock market and gambling gradually lead him to BI and to the Bachelor of Business Administration. Today he is fulfilling his dream on Wall Street - gambling with other people’s money.

Hillman started by taking a few classes at BI as a “free mover” exchange student in 2002.  He studied marketing within his first two years at BI until the Bachelors of Business Administration in English program was established. 

Gaining an understanding of the stock market

- I used to be a pool player and gambling and playing poker was a big part of my career before I commenced my studies at BI.  So what better field to get into than the Stock Market! I thought I can gamble with other people’s money and get paid in the process, he says.

On a more serious note he explains that his knowledge surrounding the stock market developed after participating in classes at BI.  There he really gained a better understanding of how the stock market operates and about financial concepts. This motivated him to work hard.  Today he is employed as a Financial Advisor for one of the leading financial institutions on Wall Street. Managing to hold onto his job has proved to be even harder than getting the job offer as Hillman has been required to undertake several tests and generate a new portfolio along with financial profit.

- Everyone who worked at the office told me how difficult the ‘Series 7-test’ was. However I realized how informative the classes were and how competent the teachers at BI are. I understood everything with ease and I now know that I was more educated and prepared than most American students who undertake the test. I managed to pass the Series 7-test with one of the best results ever achieved in my office. Of the previous 100 trainees I was one of very few who passed and began my career as a Financial Advisor, he explains. 

My typical day on Wall Street

A typical day on Wall Street for Matthew E. Hillman might be about investing 10 million dollars worth on behalf of his clients. At the start of 2008, Hillman looked to generate profit by buying cheap, at a time when most of the stock market was dropping alarmingly.

- It is a rush to observe a buy of 10,000 shares at a stock price of 55 which increases to 65 within a few minutes, gaining a profit of $100,000 dollars! Even if the market drops tomorrow and the day after ... I am still a buyer... because in a year from now when the DOW Jones rises to 14,000 I know I have assisted hundreds of people with the possibility of retiring. That’s a great feeling.....and I’m even getting paid during this process!!!  I love my job…. life is beautiful!

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