Students for the future

2 January 2012

The need for business economists will rise steeply up to 2030, according to Statistics Norway.

The demand for people with a BSc in business economics will rise the most, according to Statistics Norway. More business economists than teachers will be required in the future,  Dagens Næringsliv reported on 30 December.

“They have a broad education and are employed in industry as well as in private and the public sector. Historically, business and industry have employed more and more people with economical comptence. That’s a trend we expect to continue,” says researcher Marit L. Gjelsvik in Statistics Norway to Dagens Næringsliv.

Lise-Lotte Sande Koivunen (26) studies economics and business law at BI Norwegian Business School.

“I started my education late. I worked for some time in restaurants, where I had personnel responsibility. That was great fun. I’m now doing a bachelor, but I’m prepared to do a master in Management and Organizational Psychology,” she tells the paper.

“Is it hard to find a job?”

“Many of the big companies are running recruiting processes now, and hopefully they will continue doing so. Even here at BI I see that companies are hard at work selling themselves to the students.”

“What will you be doing in 2030?”

“I hope I’ll be working in a company where they let me use my head and my competence. It would be fun to be an HR manager or work with something like recruiting in a major company like Hydro, McKinsey or Deloitte.”

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