Panel debate with CNN`s Richar Quest

4 June 2013

Is the EU at a turning point? This and other issues related to the current situation among the EU countries was on the agenda when CNN's Richard Quest recently visited BI business school.

Dynamic panel debate

How important is a deeper European integration for the EU-countries and how can the authorities support this?

The auditorium was filled to capacity when CNN's foremost international business correspondent, Richard Quest, recently visited BI to find out how Norwegian business leaders and academics at BI look at these questions from a business perspective. It was a dynamic debate between the panel and the audience concerning a closer integration of states or a looser collection of nations.

In the panel was Professor of Economics at BI, Arne Jon isachsen, NUPI President and Professor at BI, Ulf Sverdrup, Executive Vice President and Head of Telenor's European Operations, Kjell-Morten Johnsen, and Msc-student at BI and Commissioner Secretary Culture and Industry, Anne Siri Koksrud.

About Richard Quest

Richard Quest's dynamic and characteristic style has made him a unique figure within business news worldwide. He frequently reports from the G20 meetings and participates at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland every year. Quest has covered every global financial crisis since Black Monday in 1987, and reported from globally important economic centers like Wall Street, London, Sao Paolo, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

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