From BI to FBI

24 March 2015

A BI professor from the department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour is schooling FBI agents in Connecticut, USA.

Professor Petter Gottschalk is considered one of the main contributors to the field of solving white-collar crime. His latest book, Policing White-Collar Crime, has paved the way for his position at the University of New Haven where he currently teaches PhD students from the FBI among others.

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The need for updated research has intensified as the significant corruption in the US Military and among local politicians has grown. Petter Gottschalk, who specialises in economic crime, says:

- I have previously taught the police force at the Norwegian Police University College, and now I will be teaching investigators in the US. It is a huge challenge.

Gottschalk feels it will not just be the FBI who will benefit from this experience.

- I will gain so many new perspectives and case studies to implement in the Executive Master of Management programme in Economic Crime, Leadership and Social Responsibility, which starts at BI in September, he says.

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