Information after terror in Paris

14 November 2015

BI is on alert after the terror in Paris. BI has 64 students who are staying in France and we have made contact via email and class contacts. We ask the students to follow the urging of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) to contact their homes.

Through class contacts BI has confirmed that all the students are doing well and are not affected by the tragic events in Paris.

BI has sent out an email to those students today, Saturday 14 November, with information about Sjømannskirken's emergency phoneline and urging Norwegian students to register at the Ministry of Foreign Affair's registration on UD's website, as well as keeping in touch with their homes.

There is also facilitation for a meeting space throughout the weekend at BI's campus in Oslo for all incoming exchange students who want or need to come together in a sorrowful time.

This article will be updated if new information becomes available.

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