BI delivers most top executives

1 March 2016

BI Norwegian Business School delivers the most CEOs to Norway's 500 largest companies, ahead of both Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

A new leader survey published in the Norwegian Business Daily (Dagens Næringsliv) on 29 February, mapping the education background of the top leaders of Norway's 500 largest companies measured by revenue, 30 percent have a background from BI. This makes BI the most "common" educational institution for CEOs in Norway. At shared second place is NTNU and NHH with 19 percent.

- The figures are pleasing for us and reflect our candidates' attractiveness on the job market. The results reflect our ambition to play a key role in building the knowledge economy by developing people, says President of BI, Inge Jan Henjesand.

President Inge Jan Henjesand (Photo: Torbjørn Brovold)

Must think internationally

On top 100 list, 13 of the CEO's primary education is from BI, making BI the business school with the most senior candidates among the 100 largest companies in the country, beaten only by NTNU on this list. The survey also shows that more and more senior managers are educated at foreign educational institutions.   - We always appreciate good national competition. Yet today's higher education is increasingly characterised by international competition. Being educated by top international business schools is increasingly more attractive to both students and employers. At BI we therefore aim to take a postiton on the international arena. I think that this also contributes to the national results, says Henjesand.   As a good example of the "typical Norwegian top leader", take Schibsted's CEO and BI alumnus Rolv Erik Ryssdal. Ryssdal holds an MSc in Business and later earned an MBA at the French Insead.

Facsimile from Dagens Næringsliv (29.2.2016)

Good competition

- Competition between educational institutions is, and will continue to be, fierce. This makes us all better and able to meet the international competition. Together, we manage a public reputation for Norway as an education nation, says Henjesand.

About the executive survey:

Maps the education background of the 500 CEOs. 87 of the top 500 leaders have primary education from BI, 69 from NTNU and 44 from NHH. 20 of the top 100 managers have primary education from NTNU, 13 from BI and seven from NHH. Most participants have education from BI (39), with NHH (33) and Insead (17) occupying the next places. Overall, with main and continued education, 30 percent studied at BI. NHH and NTNU are in joint second place with 19 percent.

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