Marius Eriksen appointed Executive Vice President

1 July 2016

Eriksen (51) is currently Chief Financial Officer at BI Norwegian Business School, and will start in his new position in the autumn of 2016.

Marius Eriksen is the new Executive Vice President for the Full-time division

Marius Eriksen is the new Executive Vice President for the Full-time division (Photo: Inside)

Before he came to BI in 2007, Marius Eriksen worked for 13 years as an advisor and partner in Deloitte Consulting. In Deloitte, he was involved in market and customer activities both nationally and internationally. This in addition to having the responsibility and leading change – and development processes with a special focus on managerial change and development processes in large public and private companies. Eriksen has his educational background from BI.

President Inge Jan Henjesand informs of a very thorough and well-conducted process with many highly competent, both internal and external, applicants. He is confident that the process has led to the right result. "I am pleased that Marius said yes to become the new Executive Vice President for BI's Full-time programmes. Through his position as CFO, he has built an in-depth knowledge of BI's business and knowledge that is needed to develop BI's Full-time programmes in the years to come.

In addition, Marius is a proactive and dynamic person who I appreciate having as a colleague in our continuous work in reaching our national and international ambitions" – says Inge Jan Henjesand

Marius Eriksen looks forward to new opportunities and new tasks. "Through strong financial results BI has earned a unique position within higher education in business administration in Norway. This is increasingly also the case internationally. I look forward to working with highly competent colleagues in both the Full-time division and within BI. I am drawn to the opportunity of having impact on the way BI positions itself in a global competitive market" – says the new Executive Vice President, Marius Eriksen.

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