Best Bachelor graduates

19 September 2016

On 7th and 8th of September, over 400 graduates students received their diplomas at the bachelor's graduation at BI in Oslo. During the ceremony the year's best undergraduates were named, to the delight of the winners.

Hundreds Bachelor of Science students were gathered at BI Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th of September to mark the completion their degrees in the spring of 2016. With family and friends as spectators, the graduates students received their diplomas from President Inge Jan Henjesand. In addition to the diploma, the best students received a grant of 15 000 kroner, as well as a painting, as a proof of their outstanding results from their bachelor degree. The gifts were given by the foundation Den Norske Handelsstands understøttelsesforening, EY, Norges Eiendomsmeglerforbund and Oslo Handelsstandsforening.

- I would like to congratulate the students with the distinction of the best students in the Bachelor of Science cohort for 2016 at BI in Oslo. With their excellent results, these students have shown what one can achieve with hard work and a dedicated approach to their studies, says president of BI, Inge Jan Henjesand.

The Best Bachelor Students 2013-2016

Bachelor in Business (siv.øk):
Martin Thiis-Evensen

What does this award mean to you?
- The award is a confirmation of the hard work I put into the studies throughout my three years at BI. It is therefore a good motivation for further work, both in school and work. The award shows that hard work pays off, and that if you put down enough effort then you will be rewarded. The award means a lot, and I'm proud of what I have achieved.

What are your future plans?

- I have started on a Master's degree in Finance in Bergen. My plan is to take the motivation the award has given me and apply it with full throttle to the programme, so I can land a good job after finishing my studies.

Thiis-Evensen was also named the best student of all specializations.


Bachelor in Accounting and Auditing:
Anisa Batool Raza

What does this award mean to you?
- This award will clearly distinguish myself from the crowd. Yet the most important thing is the knowledge that we are left with, and not necessarily the grades achieved. These three years have required a lot of hard work, periods of minimal sleep and a good dose of self-discipline. But it is so worth it when the results come. I am incredibly proud and grateful.

What are your future plans?

- I have started on a Master's degree in Accounting and Auditing at BI. I want to engage myself besides a job and studies, perhaps lecturing part-time and helping students with study management and networking. After the master degree, the plan is to work as an accountant in one of the four largest accounting firms worldwide.


Bachelor in Real Estate:
Ingvild Meyer Sørflaten

What are your future plans?
- My plan is to succeed and thrive at my job. I shall become a skilled real estate agent and continue to work for Krogsveen, as I have done for two years already. my goal is not to sell the most, but to sell to a lot of satisfied customers and to have a life outside of work too.


Bachelor in Economics and Entrepreneurship:
Tuva Ramsøe Bredesen

What does this award mean to you?
- To receive this award here was very stately, and not least motivating for further studies! It's nice that all the hard work is noticed and appreciated by the school in this way.

What are your future plans?
- This coming year I'm taking a break from studying and I will gain some experience, before I start on a master's degree next autumn.


Bachelor in Business Law:
Ingve Rasmussen

What does this award mean to you?
- This award hopefully opens up good opportunities for an interesting and fun job after my studies. On a more personal level it means a lot to gain recognition for hard work. It results in my motivation to work hard throughout further studies and employment being very high.

What are your future plans?
- I'm going to start the Masters in Business Administration in Bergen, and have big ambitions for my future studies.


Bachelor in Business Administration (Norwegian): 
Einar Lie Indergaard

What does this award mean to you?
- I took the gamble of doing the last two years of the Bachelor's degree in just one year. It feels especially good now that it was a success.

What are your future plans?
- The plan is to repeat the success of my Bachelor during my Master programme. I've started a Master of Science in Business with a specialisation in finance, and will be working part-time in the Nordic Securities alongside studying.


Bachelor in Culture and Leadership: 
Ane Wadd-Oseth

 What does this award mean to you?
- I am very happy that all the hard work I have put in the past few years resulted in the award of best student of Culture and Leadership. I put a lot of time, energy and joy in my work and so it was great that my efforts has seen a return.

What are your future plans?
- Now I work as a project coordinator in the Queen Sonja International Music Competition, alongside a position in Scanarts Management AS. Besides these positions, I am chair of Oslo-Filmharmoniens Venner, and deputy director of the Oslo-Filmharmonien.


Bachelor in PR and Marketing Communications:
Mari Hoel

What does this award mean to you?
- It's very big for me to receive this award from BI. It came as a surprise, but of course it's fun to get this feedback for the work I've done. Good results come not only from reading a lot, but it is equally important to have good study friends and find a field you are really interested in. The award puts an end to three fine years at BI, and is a good motivation boost for further studies.

What are your future plans?
- I have started on a Master's degree in Public relations and Marketing Communications at Copenhagen Business School. After this, I hope to get an exciting job in communications at home in Norway.


Bachelor in PR and Marketing Communications:
Ivar Thorsvik

What does this award mean to you?
- The award shows that three years of high stakes has paid off, and it will be an important motivation when I face new tasks in the workplace.

What are your future plans?
- Alongside studies at BI, I took a Master's degree in Film Studies at NTNU. I now work as a cinema manager at Filmweb for the loyalty programme with Kinoklubb Norge. I have found the industry I'm passionate about. My ambition now is to build a career where I can both raise public interest in film and theatre, and simultaneously contribute to making the cinema market in Norway even better.


Bachelor in International Marketing:
Kristine Heggem Brokstad

What does this award mean to you?
- It is incredibly nice to be recognised for the work I have put in throughout these three years as a student at BI. It has been a very pleasant and informative time. I will use the award as motivation for further studies.

What are your future plans?
- At the moment I am taking a year's course in political science at the University of Oslo and work part-time at Tesla Motors. I want to study international business and combine it with international politics and international relations or international political economy. I plan to start a master's degree in autumn 2017.


Bachelor in Marketing:
Terje Flaten

What does this award mean to you?
- After a lot of hard work it is always good with confirmation that we have succeeded, and have done something right.

What are your future plans?
- I have started on a Master's degree in Marketing at BI. I think it's fun to work with strong brands, so I will probably look for firms that are well-known in Norway or internationally.


Bachelor i Finans:
Andreas Gudmundset



Bachelor in Business Administration:
Deeksha Kanyal

What does this award mean to you?
- It gives me an immense sense of achievement to have my efforts and handwork being appreciated.

What is your plan for the future?
- I will continue studying masters at BI Oslo. I plan to put in the same amount of dedication and diligence in my future endeavours.


Bachelor i Retail Management:
Lars-Jørgen Dale

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