Extended term for Henjesand

20 June 2017

Today, the board of trustees at BI Norwegian Business School has decided to extend Inge Jan Henjesands term as president.

The chairman of BI, Knut Haanæs, describes that there has been a thorough process where the Board has both evaluated the results achieved from the first period and assessed BI's future strategic challenges.

– I am pleased that Inge Jan Henjesand today has agreed to lead BI towards 2022. BI has achieved excellent results during Inge Jan`s leadership. The president has also initiated important development projects that will prepare us for the future.

Henjesand is ready for four new years as president.

– I thank the board of trustees for its vote of confidence, and I am really looking forward to a new term as president of BI. Now we will start the process of a new strategy towards 2022 where the goal is to focus our activities even more to achieve our research and teaching ambitions.

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