Million dollar funding for BI research project

31 January 2018

Professor Christian Fieseler and the research project "Future Ways of Working in the Digital Economy" at BI Norwegian Business School receives 19.5 million NOK for the next four to five years.

Wednesday January 31, The Research Council of Norway published the list of projects that have been granted funding from FRIPRO Toppforsk. The purpose of the funding is to help to improve career paths for highly skilled researchers and enable dynamic research groups to reach the top of their field.

"Future Ways of Working in the Digital Economy" is led by Professor Christian Fieseler at the Department of Communication and Culture.

– We are very grateful for the trust that the Norwegian Research Council has placed into our research at BIs Nordic Centre for Internet and Society. As Norway transitions into the digitalized economy we are glad to now have the capasities to realise our long term research agenda into how future ways of working can be inclusive, sustainable and beneficial for all members of society, says Fieseler.

The research project at BI will provide new insights on the digitalized economy and will look closer at five questions:

  1. Which digital labour markets exist today, how are these labour markets linked and how will they develop over time?
  2. How institutional and organizational arrangements can contribute to justice in the future digital economy?
  3. What forms of digital competence are needed in the future digital economy, and how can workers acquire this competence?
  4. Which mechanisms define the status and how do workers shape their digital career?
  5. How will employees experience work value and personal purpose in the future digital economy?

– This is a testament that our faculty deliver research at a high international level. This will help strengthen our academic standing and attract the best faculty both nationally and internationally, says Inge Jan Henjesand, President of BI Norwegian Business School.

About Toppforsk

Toppforsk is organized as a shared funding where the research institutions finance half of the amount the project applied for. The other half of the amount is covered by The Research Council of Norway.

The financial allocation in 2018 is the second round of Toppforsk funding. The first, in 2016, distributed 1 billion NOK. The second is half a billion NOK.

FRIPRO Toppforsk is part of an initiative called Fellesløftet, which the The Research Council of Norway has initiated on behalf of the research institutions and the Government (Ministry of Education) in order to implement shared funding of excellent research.

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