Certified for Green Conferences

17 December 2018

BI is now officially certified by Eco-Lighthouse (Miljøfyrtårn) to hold Green Conferences. The Events Department has set a goal of making one out of every four conferences at the Oslo campus 'green' in 2019.

"We believe it is important for BI Norwegian Business School to take a stand and be a good example for business and industry, and for our students. We need to share knowledge as we become a major operator in the field of eco-friendly conferences," said Henrik Thorsen, team leader at the Events Department.

During the certification process, we discovered that the Oslo campus was the optimal location for eco-friendly conferences with excellent facilities and suppliers; all of which are suited to meeting the certification requirements.

"We think this is only going to improve the quality and attractiveness of the conferences held here. For conference participants, our collaborative partners and our students," Thorsen said in conclusion.

Feel free to contact the Events Department at event@bi.no if you have any questions or input.

BI's first official green conference was held 14th of December, at the Leader's Toolbox.

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