Master of Science Graduating Class of 2018

17 December 2018

To mark BI’s 75th anniversary, we were honoured to host all graduating MSc students with their guests at a special graduation celebration.

“I would like to thank you for being a part of BI's history, and at the same time, I would like to invite you to become a part of our future,” said President Inge Jan Henjesand.

Thursday 6 December, all of the Master of Science students were treated to a graduation celebration at campus Oslo. MSc in Business graduates were the first group to receive their completion of degree certificates under a ceremony filled with pride, joy and camaraderie. Students from the MSc in Finance, MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology, MSc in Strategic Marketing Management and Master in Accounting and Auditing, were proudly graduated during a second ceremony. Students were congratulated one by one by our President, our Dean Master and their dearest Associate Deans.

During the ceremonies, Associate Deans Debbie Harrison (Business) and Laura E. Mercer Traavik (Leadership), delivered their motivating and engaging remarks to their students. BI Alumni Lina Viktoria Kilander (EY) and Tina-Irene Luggens Amundsen (BDO) shared their experiences after graduation in the context of working life and life in general. We were happy to have Maggie Yang (MSc in Business) and Caroline Rohde-Moe (Master in Accounting and Auditing) deliver their graduate addresses to a very cheerful and proud crowd.

As every year, the Best student for each programme received a special recognition while being cheered on and applauded at by their peers. What a great honour that is! Finn Øien was filled with proud relatives and friends while each student walked up to the stage and received this recognition from the hands of their Associate Deans.

“It is with great pleasure to announce that we this year have not only one, but two overall best students. It is also with pride I can reveal it is two women. There is no doubt that we need strong female leaders in the years to come. They have both completed an internship programme during their studies and both are international students. A brilliant proof of BI being a truly international business school” said Henjesand under the award ceremony.

Flying Start ambassador Emma Rebeca Pinto Guzmán who has completed a Master of Science in Business also gave a speech to her fellow students. Upon finishing her degree, she has landed a job as Corporate Strategic Planning Analyst at CEMEX in Monterrey, Mexico.

A special thanks to our President Inge Jan Henjesand, Dean Master Janicke Rasmussen and Associate Deans Peter Jarnebrant (Strategic Marketing Management), Costas Xiouros (Finance), Tonny Stenheim (Accounting and Auditing), Laura E. Mercer Traavik (Leadership and Organisational Psychology), and Debbie Harrison (Business) for their dearest words to their students and for contributing to make this day a very special one.

“The value of your diploma is the most precious commodity we have at BI. Your success is our success. Through your careers, and your lives, we receive confirmation that what we do as a business school provides a valuable service to society,” said Henjesand in his closing remarks.

MSc Graduation 2018

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