Among Norway's top 50 women in tech

11 March 2019

Digital director Elin Borrebæk is on the list of the 50 top Norwegian tech women in business.

Behind the award is Abelia, the NHO Association for knowledge and technology companies and ODA-Networks, the Nordic region's largest network for women in tech.

- It is very nice to be on this list along with a number of other skilled tech women. Technology will affect most areas and sectors in the future, and diversity in terms of gender, cultural background, education and experience will be central to how we, as a society, will be able to exploit the opportunities that technology offers, says Borrebæk.

About the award

The purpose is to increase the proportion of women who work with technology and management in the business sector.

After an open nomination process, the 50 winners are selected by a jury led by Håkon Haugli. In the jury's criteria, it has been established that the candidates must be from the business community and that they should work with direct value-creating tasks such as sales, development and production.

The jury has consisted of:

  • Berit Svendsen, Vipps
  • Anne Grethe Solberg, Labor Research Institute
  • Jan M Moberg, Teknisk Ukeblad Media AS
  • Walter Qvam, SINTEF and Digital Norway
  • Andreas Thorsheim, Otovo
  • Kristin Skogen Lund, Schibsted
  • Kristine Hofer Næss, ODA Network
  • Håkon Haugli, Abelia
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