BI revitalises its logo

12 August 2019

A logo should clearly identify the sender and brand. A logo should also be more than an identification tool in its graphic design. A brand needs to be just as recognisable and communicate just as well in a digital landscape as an analogue world.

The world is changing – and so are we. We must continue researching and looking for answers to our society’s most important questions. We must stay thirsty for knowledge and new approaches, because facts change. As they should.

BI has had many different logos over the years. In 1944 it was appropriate to identify with a factory chimney, but the logo changed to adapt to times and the brand identity one wanted to communicate. The cube currently used as BI's logo arrived in 2002. Nobody was sending applications to BI via cell phones or tablet PCs back then. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube did not exist yet. The logo was flat and had to stand out in the visual environment of the day. The world and technology have advanced since then.

A digital adjustment
It was necessary to make some digital adjustments to work within the formats we use in 2019. It became important to design something that shows a proud history, our trademark and identification we need with different target groups.

Academic prowess and research-based teaching are part of everything we do. No knowledge, No BI. Everyone who studies at BI, our alumni, employees and collaborators should be proud of the BI Norwegian Business School brand. They should also be certain that BI delivers exceptionally good research results, nationally and internationally, and we organize lifelong learning in a unique manner on a Norwegian scale.

A strong message
BI's adjusted logo symbolises a strong academic message, with a fluid open frame that symbolises both lifelong learning and openness. The letters were changed from Arial to Museum font, which functions much better on digital surfaces. Still, our logo has not changed so much that people won't recognise it and identify with it.

Our new logo reflects our continuous change. In people, opinions, values, subjects and knowledge.

At the same time, BI is still BI. Research-based, learning-oriented and connected.


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