Top score for ‘Employability’ on new QS Masters rankings

26 September 2019

Three of BI Norwegian Business School’s MSc programmes are in the top 20 for ‘Employability’ on QS Business Masters Rankings 2020, a leading global career and education network.

The ranking reveals the best masters programs in specializations such as finance, marketing and management. The ranking reviews programmes on factors such as employability (employer opinion), alumni outcomes, value for money, thought leadership and diversity.

BI is well placed on the three QS Masters rankings: Masters in Management Rankings 2020 (with its MSc in business), Masters in Finance Rankings 2020, and Masters in Marketing Rankings 2020.

Overall rankings:

  • BI’s MSc in Business is ranked 33 out of 129 schools.
  • BI’s Msc in Strategic Marketing Management is ranked 27 out of 76 schools.
  • BI’s MSc in Finance is ranked 42 out of 156 schools.

In all three programme rankings, BI is in the top 20 for ‘Employability’. This indicates that BI’s brand is well known among potential international employers of the graduates of the ranked programmes.

BI’s rank on Employability:

  • MSc in Business: 15
  • MSc in Strategic Marketing management: 18
  • Msc in Finance: 20

Inge Jan Henjesand, President BI

“The annual QS Business School Rankings are aimed at aspiring business people looking to identify the best business schools globally for promising job prospects or becoming an entrepreneur. The fact that we have been recognised among top 20 schools for ‘Employability’ in three of our MSc programmes is a testament not only to the prowess of our faculty, but also to the relevance of our program’s content to those entering the job market”, says Inge Jan Henjesand, President of BI Norwegian Business School.

Attributing the success of the programmes to its advanced and innovative curriculum, as well as its forward-thinking and research-based training, Janicke Rasmussen, Dean Master at BI Norwegian Business School, says:

Janicke Rasmussen, Dean Master programmes at BI

“In terms of employability, BI Norwegian Business School’s MSc programmes rank among the best in the world, which is a fantastic example of the school’s ability to produce talented graduates who are ready to drive innovation and strategic change in their workplaces. We work hard to ensure that our specialized master programmes develop to align with what employers expect both in short and long term. I am confident in that we will succeed in doing this.”


  • QS is a leading global career and education network.
  • This is the third time BI is ranked by QS Masters rankings.
  • The ranking reviews programmes on factors such as employer opinion, BI alumni hired in well renowned national and international companies, estimated return on investment in education and recognition among academic leaders around the world.
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