Forms new tech partnership with software company to prepare students for the future

8 November 2019

BI Norwegian Business School enters into a strategic partnership with SAS Institute in the Bachelor and Master Programme in Business Analytics to provide students with analytical skills and knowledge that blends data science with real life business.

“Everyone is talking about AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics. We seek partnership with the ones that make it real. Through the collaboration with SAS, our students will develop their analytical skills in an applied business context, “says Pål Berthling-Hansen, Associate Professor at BI Norwegian Business School.Pål Berthling-Hansen

In addition to tailored services as part of curriculum and access to SAS software and e-learning courses, the students have the opportunity to qualify for internships and thesis awards, participation in hackathons and access SAS Learning Labs to practice real-world cases.

“BI is in the forefront adding business relevance to management and analytics skills. We are excited to contribute to the education of the future analytics leaders who possess the digital expertise that is crucial to the competitiveness of our society and our customers ahead, “says Jørn Seglem, Managing Director at SAS Institute Norway.Sas - Jørn

Master students at BI can also pursue an internship with SAS Institute customers and partners to gain practical work experience.

“There is a great demand from employers for talents that can unlock the potential that lies in new technology and the ever-increasing volumes of data. Through an internship within the SAS ecosystem, our students will be better prepared for the big transformational projects they will manage when they graduate, “says Berthling-Hansen.

In the bachelor and master program in Business Analytics, students develop knowledge and skills through close collaboration with international industry partners. The programme actively utilises team projects to acquire and improve analytical, communication and collaborative skills.SAS Institute

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