Job Market Survey 2023­: 97 percent of master’s students are employed

5 May 2023

Consultants, analysts and auditors are the most common job titles for newly graduated master’s students from BI. According to BI’s job market survey for 2023, 97 percent of graduates were employed six months after graduation.

The new figures show an increase from 95 percent in last year’s survey and 86 percent in the pandemic year 2021. Among BI’s business graduates, 97 percent were employed six months after completing their education, compared to 94 percent in last year’s survey.

“One of our most important tasks as an educational institution is to ensure that our students acquire the skills needed to succeed when they enter the job market and use what they have learned in practice,” 

“When virtually all master’s students have found a job after graduation, it testifies to our students having a competence that is in great demand in a job market with high competition,” says Karen Spens, President of BI Norwegian Business School. 

Employed before graduation

According to this year’s job market statistics, a total of 89 percent of master’s students had secured a job before completing their studies, an increase from 83 percent last year. At the bachelor’s level, 60% of students had secured a job before graduation. Six months after completing their studies, 87 percent of bachelor’s students were employed.

The banking, finance and insurance sector hired the most of students from BI overall (bachelor’s and master’s), followed by the consulting industry, the IT industry, and real estate.

The average salary for newly hired BI master’s students increased by 7.1 percent, from NOK 515,000 to NOK 551,000. For bachelor’s students, the average salary increased by 5.9 percent to NOK 476,000.


  • BI’s job market survey is conducted every year.
  • This year, the survey was sent to 3880 students, 1288 responded, equivalent to 37 percent of recipients.
  • 97 percent of students (bachelor’s and master’s) consider a friendly work environment to be an important or very important factor when looking for a job.
  • Over 90 percent believe that exciting work tasks and opportunities for personal and professional development are important or very important.
  • 82 percent consider salary to be important or very important.
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