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BI wants to acknowledge alumni who contribute to the development of students, the alumni network and our school, who have excelled in their professional fields, and who give back to society. Nominate your candidate by 1 May 2018!

The first annual BI Alumni Awards will be awarded during the anniversary year of 2018, to honor some of our many alumni who make a difference. The awards are given to alumni who have given their support to BI, who have demonstrated professional achievements and who contribute back to society.

The BI alumni community reaches all corners of the globe and candidates are many. You can nominate the candidate(s) you think deserves extra attention in the following three categories:

  • Distinguished Alumni Awards are awarded to alumni who have excelled in their field, through their dedication and leadership, and through their insight and knowledge. The candidate has shown his/her support to BI through giving back to the students and the school, and /or has used his/her knowledge and position to give back to society. The candidate must be educated from BI Norwegian Business School or at some of the former institutions that were merged into BI
  • Young Alumni Awards are awarded to alumni who have excelled early in life and who have received recognition as a young leader through professional achievements or other areas of social significance. The candidate has obtained recognition for his/her significant academic contribution or creative work, through honors, prizes and/or media attention. The candidate must have graduated from BI Norwegian Business School within the last 10 years.
  • Alumni Volunteer of the Year Award is awarded to an alumni and /or his/her organization who in the past year has shown outstanding support and contributions to the students, alumni network and the school, on a national or international level. The candidate must have demonstrated relevance, and acted as a strong model for current students. The candidate must be educated at BI Norwegian Business School or at some of the former institutions that were merged into BI.

The nominations are handled by the BI Alumni Advisory Board. Final decisions will be made by a committee chaired by BI President Jan Inge Henjesand.

Prize winners receive recognition and a diploma, which will be presented at an annual alumni event. Winners will also receive recognition through our social media feeds.

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