Business and Alumni

Building relationship with top talents

Deloitte and Gjensidige connect with top talents through partnerships in the Master Merit Society.

The Master Merit Society is an initiative seeking to strengthen the relations between BI’s Master of Science students, research, business, and alumni. Our collaboration with Deloitte and Gjensidige is mutually beneficial.

Students get the opportunity to strengthen their skills and network within the business community before graduating. Companies meet top talents for branding purposes, recruitment opportunities, and to gain an insight into how today’s brightest young minds think.

Our ultimate goal is to promote master students who have excelled academically or through voluntary positions, while our business partners get to connect with the leaders of tomorrow.


“To collaborate with a target group, where we can both test out business ideas and show how their expertise can be used in our company, is a unique opportunity and a win-win situation for us”

Siri Conradi

Head of HR Operations and Talent Acquisition, Gjensidige


“BI is an important educational institution for Deloitte and their students are a critical source of recruitment for us, both today and in the future.”

Kristian Brauti

HR Manager, Deloitte