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Advertising Research


It has become increasingly vital to create distinctive and effective advertising. Firstly, advertising must awaken enthusiasm in the recipient, which is achieved by making a different and unexpected advertising while having relevance for the target group. This effect is achieved by using a so-called creative message. Consequently, the course highlights insight in creativity, creative processes and creative advertising. Secondly, all advertising needs to be tested to ensure an adequate level of effectiveness. This is done by pre-testing the campaign before it is implemented. This course focuses on various methods of pre-testing. Moreover, it is equally essential to determine whether the campaign actually reached its objectives. Course participants will therefore be given a thorough introduction to various methods of post-testing campaigns.

In order to conduct testing procedures, course participants need a thorough understanding of methods and methodology, in addition to quantitative and qualitative analysis. Consequently, this course emphasises methodological rigour.

Course content

  • Advertising relevance and creativity
  • What? Convincing message
  • How? Advertising design
  • Insight as a basis for creativity
  • How to create the great idea?
  • Creative processes and creative thinking
  • Methods for pre-testing campaigns
  • Methods for post-testing campaigns
  • Advertising effectiveness


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