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Art and Design Industries


Art and Design Industries provides an introduction to key economic-related themes that characterize professional actors and structures in the art and design sectors. The course is relevant for students interested in building foundational knowledge about how the art, museum, cultural heritage, and design industries are organized, how value is created, and how value is communicated for audiences and customers. The course is also relevant for students seeking a basic understanding of how methods and value creation processes from art and design can be employed in a wider business context.

The course follows a modular structure that covers key topics in art and design as industries. Module 1 provides a framing of art and design through an introductory mapping of their eco-systems and major actors. Module 2 provides an introduction to key methods of creating value (both economic and non-economic) in art and design, including the value impact of recent digital innovation. Module 3 examines issues critical to communication and marketing in art and design. Module 4 provides an introduction to challenges and solutions to funding in art and design. Finally, module 5 looks at how and why methods and tools from art and design are being used in business located outside of the traditional art and design industries.

Course content

  • Introduction to art and design industries by mapping their goods, processes, participants, working arrangements, and organizational structures
  • The creation of economic and non-economic values in art and design, including the role of technology
  • Communication and branding in the market for art and design goods and audiences
  • Challenges and solutions to funding in art and design
  • Introduction to design thinking and artistic methods applied to non-art and design sectors


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