Excerpt from course description

Art and Design Industries


Broadly covering the visual arts, graphic and visual design, digital design, and formgiving design (clothing, furniture, interior, etc.), the course facilitates students to gain knowledge about the art and design industries' actors, structures, processes, metrics of value, economic and cultural policy conditions, and methods for problem solving. Students develop basic knowledge in design thinking and artistic methods applicable within and beyond art and design, in art and design related communication/marketing, and in processes of value creation in the art and design industries.

Course content

  • What is art and design and what (if anything) separates them?
  • Mapping the art and design industries by their goods, processes, participants, working arrangements, and organizational structures
  • Systems of value in art and design, and the correlation and antagonism between these
  • The economic value chain in art and design
  • Introduction to design thinking and artistic methods applied to non art and design sectors
  • Communication and branding in the market for art and design goods and audiences


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