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Artificial Intelligence - Technologies and Applications


The huge amount of training data available together with the increase of computer power, has made it possible in the last two decades to witness an AI revolution. AI is in fact changing the world in front of us at a high speed as technology is growing fast in medicine, surveillance, virtual assistants and language translation, among others. 

The main objectives of this course are to discuss how this AI revolution evolved historically, how AI methods are applied in businesses, and what are the potential benefits and harms of AI. The student will also get familiar with central AI methods, both in theory and in practice by coding examples.

Course content

The course will cover the following topics:

  • General introduction to AI, definitions and history;
  • AI applications, in particular computer vision and natural language processing;
  • Different supervised machine leaning-based methods;
  • Training algorithms;
  • Overfitting, underfitting, generalization, validation;
  • Ethical concerns of AI in the society.


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