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Bachelor Thesis - Entrepreneurship


The bachelor's thesis is a major independent piece of work where the students are to show that they are able to work on a research question and take the whole responsibility to solve this in a satisfactory manner. The bachelor's thesis is a mandatory part of the study programme. The thesis can be written in groups of up to three persons.

Course content

The dissertation may be written within all academic fields and lines of business related to the degree course. The following requirements must be met with respect to choice of dissertation subject: The dissertation is to be based on a company or organisation and the research question must fall within the field of entrepreneurship. A specific problem must be formulated. Solutions are to be found as part of a comprehensive process ranging from problem understanding, collection of data and analysis to strategy, plan or measures. The use of material from several specialist fields will be required in all cases. Provided the dissertation is not written as a theoretical dissertation, it is to include a set of collected primary data with analysis.

In the bachelor thesis, students will use qualitative methodology, exploratory research design and conduct in-depth interviews.

Students can choose from the following thematic assignments:

- Own company (in-depth interviews with 20 - 25 users, customers or other relevant partners)

- Entrepreneurship (in-depth interviews with 5 - 7 companies in a limited area)

- Intrapreneurship (in-depth interviews with 10 - 12 informants)


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