Excerpt from course description

Bachelor thesis in Communication Management


The thesis in Communication Management is the capstone course in the Public Relations and Marketing Communication sequence. The thesis is a substantial professional thesis that consists of designing a comprehensive communications campaign for a real-life client based on the scientific approach that ensures informed decision-making grounded in empirical research. The thesis employs a theory to practice model and places emphasis on applied research. Students will be challenged to produce a product that could compete with that of a full-time experienced communication professional. Students will learn the communication planning process, and they will be called on to recall and apply what they have learned in all their previous classes.

Students may elect to develop an empirical thesis within the social science-tradition, or even elect a theoretical approach, i.e. a text analysis, or a discussion over theoretical challenges in communication management. 

Course content

  • Literary review
  • Background
  • Situation analysis
  • Strategy: goals and objectives
  • Big ideas and creativity
  • Key publics
  • Messages, strategy and tactics
  • Calendaring and budgeting
  • Implementation
  • Communications measurement and evaluation


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