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BI Flex Internship


The BI Flex Internship is available for students in the following programmes:
1) MSc in Business
2) MSc in Strategic Marketing Management
3) MSc in Applied Economics
4) MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology
5) MSc in Law and Business
6) MSc in Digital Communication Management

The BI Flex internship is an opportunity to work abroad or in Norway over a suitable period. The intern is responsible for finding the internship, where he/she would work at a specific company/ organisation, based on the student’s own interests. This internship can be full-time (minimum 4 weeks) or part-time (minimum 150 hours), and it can be combined with exchange, electives or summer school.

The internship will give you valuable insights in real-world challenges, and should help you in setting your academic learning in perspective. The internship must be approved in advance by BI (via Experiential learning, BI Internship).

If you combine BI Flex Internship and Exchange, the internship must be finished before teaching semester starts at the institution abroad.

The BI Flex Internship cannot be combined with other programme specific Internship courses.

NB. In order for the BI Flex internship to be included in the student's diploma, approval must be sought in advance from BI (via Experiential learning, BI Internship).

A completed and approved internship will give 6 ECTS credits.

For further information about the application process, links to the Learning Contract and the Career Portal where BI Internship positions are posted, and relevant dates/resources regarding the BI Internship course, please visit the Student Portal.

Course content

By the end of the internship the student will write a paper related to the internship. Each student is entitled to a maximum of 1.5 hours supervision on the term paper.

As part of this course, it is compulsory to participate in an employability course, and you are encouraged to take part in the reflection seminar offered to our students, as it will give you valuable input and tools you can use during and after your internship with regards to reflection.


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