Excerpt from course description

BI Internship on Exchange


This is a combination of internship and exchange. The objective of the course is to give students the opportunity to combine work experience with earning credits (studies) in a manner that enhances their learning in both situations. By working in an enterprise during an exchange program, the students get to use theories and models they have learnt at school to solve practical tasks in an international context. This brings forth the relevance of the academic knowledge and understanding of how companies function in different cultural settings. At the same time, the course gives them the opportunity to systematically reflect on their practical work experiences. This prepares them for working life. The business community gets access to updated academic knowledge, able hands and the opportunity to address their needs for new knowledge as they prepare the internship activities for their interns. The student is responsible for finding an internship company.

Course content

  • The internship phases
  • Learning contract and work tasks
  • On companies and enterprises
  • Problem statement, outline, syllabus and term paper
  • Professional development
  • Uses of theory
  • Reflection tools


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