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Business Models for Green Energy Transition


This course is part of the Executive Master of Management in Energy in cooperation with BI Norwegian Business School and IFP School.

Following decades of deregulation, digitalization and a strong policy for de-carbonization, energy is undergoing rapid technological and economic change. As a consequence, energy industry has moved into new competitive terrain, and now exists in a dualistic limbo, between the conventional and the emerging new models. The course highlights the sources of these changes, and explores what they mean for energy markets and innovative business reconfiguration.

Course content

  • The Basic Elements of Energy Industry,
  • Commercial Challenges and Regulatory Approaches
  • Innovation and Transformation Versus Static Efficiency
  • Learning Curves and Niche Markets
  • Business Models and Value Creation
  • Policies and Business Strategies for Low Carbon Transition
  • Digital Challenges and Opportunities


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