Excerpt from course description

Communication in Action: Dialogue and Discourse


Compelling communication can convince clients or motivate a team; however, poor communication can demotivate and dissuade them. Equally, effective dialogue can resolve disputes and close negotiations, while ineffective dialogue can enflame tensions. Skillful oral communication is essential for good leadership, productive relationships with co-workers and valuable in most facets of work-life.

Drawing on the theories that underpin the art of persuasive communication as well as oration skills, primarily from theater and acting, this course will introduce students to the world of persuasive public discourse and effective dialogue. While grounded in theory, this is a hands-on course, and the emphasis is upon developing the students’ oral communication skills, including voice and speech training, movement, body language, posture, timing, listening and critical thinking.

Course content

  • Critical thinking: argumentation analysis, assumptions, and fallacies
  • Discourse: structure, rhetoric and storytelling
  • Speech analysis
  • Speech and manuscript development
  • Draft of manuscript - feedback
  • Visual aids development
  • Dialogue as ethical communication
  • Dialogue for constructive feedback – giving and receiving
  • Peer feedback
  • Challenging dialogues
  • Body, voice, and breath development
  • Stress management and public speaking
  • Case studies – including student case studies
  • Small group workshops


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