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Compliance, Cybersecurity and Accountability


This course offers an application-oriented introduction to real-world engagement with policymakers, discussing modes of operation and analytical tools through a stylized lifecycle of policy advisory. To this end, the course will examine legal, policy, and ethical issues that arise throughout the full information technology lifecycle from collection, to storage, processing, analysis and use, including, privacy, surveillance, security, classification, discrimination, decisional-autonomy, and duties to warn or act.

Course content


  • Introduction to (Translational) Research 
  • Lifecycle Policy Advisory Model 
  • Core Concepts, Methods, Values, and Skills
  • Elements and Functions of Regulation


  • Reputation and Human Rights
  • Privacy and Surveillance
  • Compliance
  • Cybersecurity


  • Data Protection Law and the Ethical Use of Analytics
  • Anonymization and Informed Consent
  • AI Fairness, Accountability and Transparency
  • Design Fiction, Resistance and Futures


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