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Consultancy Project for Business Analytics


This course intends to give students a sense of how to solve a problem for a concrete company or public entity. Students will experience first-hand how to solve a concrete business problem in groups and present the solution to a panel of high level executive decision makers within the company/entity in question.

The course is divided into two parts, with two different problems to solve. 

Course content

The course is divided into two parts:

Part 1

The student groups are presented with data and a real problem from a concrete company or public entity. The data will be of a structured/semi structured format, and the inherent business problem will be roughly outlined. The students spend a total of 5 weeks applying various methods/tools to analyse the data in order to outline a suggested course of action for the business in question. The students provide a written report for evaluation.

Part 2

In part two the same student group is presented with a more complex decision problem. The data will be of several formats. The students are then given a total of 7 weeks defining the business problem, gathering the data, structuring and cleaning the data, and applying specific methods /tools to analyse the problem at hand. The students provide a written report and conduct a real-time video conference/presentation suggesting their course of action. Key decision makers in the company will be able to interact with the student group.

During the two parts students will meet with individuals from consultancy companies sharing their insights into business analytic problem solving.


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