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Consultancy Project for MSc in Quantitative Finance


This course, Consultancy Project for MSc in Quantitative Finance, is part of the +1 Model for MSc in Quantitative Finance.

This course intends to give students to recommend a solution to a real quantitative finance problem for a company or public entity. Students will experience first-hand how to solve a concrete business problem and present the solution to the organization.

The course is divided into two parts, where no part requires the student to be physically present at the Oslo campus.

Course content

Part 1

The students are presented with data and a real problem from a company or public entity. The data will be of a structured/semi-structured format, and the inherent business problem will be roughly outlined. The students will then spend 5 to 6 weeks understanding the problem, and researching possible approaches and solutions by reviewing the relevant literature and developing (further) their knowledge of related theories and methods. The students will provide a written preliminary report with a detailed problem statement and explaining the suggested course of action in terms of the research design or methodology to be applied. The report will be presented to the company’s decision-makers.

Part 2

In part two the students implement the suggested course of action, carry out the analysis, and provide recommendations. This involves gathering the data, structuring and cleaning the data, and applying specific methods/tools to analyze the problem at hand and/or develop and implement the proposed model/method. The students will provide a written report with the complete analysis and recommendations. Key decision-makers in the company will be able to interact with the student group.

All student groups are assigned an academic and business supervisor to assist in the development of their solution.


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