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Consumer Psychology


Knowledge of consumer psychology is essential for companies, public institutions and non-profit organizations to succeed in their marketing and thus achieve their strategic goals. The course gives you a basic introduction to the subject of consumer psychology, where emphasis is placed on factors that control and influence consumer behaviour, and how the marketer can take advantage of these. Topics such as sustainable consumption, technology, social psychology and behavioral economics are central. In addition, the course aims to survey conditions surrounding the need for goods and services and the decision-making process behind the purchase of a good or service. A central part of the course is about how you can use consumer data for increased customer insight in marketing. Emphasis is also placed on having a critical eye on how knowledge of consumer psychology is applied in practice.

Course content

  1. What is consumer psychology?
  2. Segmentation and target groups
  3. The consumer's decision-making
  4. Habitual choices and nudging
  5. Motivation
  6. Emotions and rationality
  7. Technology and consumer behaviour
  8. Sustainable consumption
  9. Personality and influence on behaviour
  10. Perception and sensory marketing (art. on sensing?)
  11. Consumer education
  12. Shape and change consumer attitudes
  13. Social class, culture and reference groups
  14. Negative consumer behavior and ethics                                                       


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