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Corporate & Global Strategies


The course covers key strategic issues that corporate headquarters deal with in trying to achieve a sustainable business in today’s fast-changing and increasingly global competitive arena.

The domain of corporate and global strategies comprises essentially: (i) defining appropriate boundaries for the corporation; (ii) restructuring the corporation (for example expansion, diversification, relocation, and divestment decisions); (iii) making suitable delegation decisions (i.e. allocating decision rights between corporate headquarters and subsidiary units); and (iv) managing relationships in complex (multiunit) and spatially dispersed (multilocal) corporations.

Course content

The course will focus on:

  • Issues in corporate and global strategies
  • The purpose and scope of corporations
  • Modes of entry, operation, and expansion
  • Diversification, restructuring, and divestment
  • Organizing complex multinational companies
  • Managing complex multinational companies


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