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Corporate Branding and Storytelling


The course provides participants with a substantial insight into the workings of branded communication, its psychological and sociological basis, fundamental concepts, and its role in strategic management. It integrates traditional perspectives of corporate branding with a narrative approach viewing corporate branding through the lens of storytelling. Students will be introduced to the microfoundations of story and trained in the use of structural storytelling tools for successful brand management.

Course content

Topics covered:

  1. The Need for Corporate Branding and Positioning:
    • Understanding the organization as a force for differentiation.
    • The Vision-Culture-Image (VCI) Alignment Model.
  2. Corporate Branding in a Storytelling Perspective:
    • How the fundamental story elements relate to corporate branding
    • Corporate storytelling
  3. Identity, Character, and Identification:
    • Identity understood through character attributes
    • Identification and alienation
    • Determinants of brand personality
  4. Corporate Storytellers
    • Plurivocal narratives and imperfect organizational narratives
    • Organizing storytelling and story building
  5. Corporate Brand Experience and Roles:
    • Identity revealed and experienced through action
    • Consumer identification processes

The course includes selected cases representing a diverse mix of corporate branding opportunities and challenges.


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