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Corporate Taxation and Value Added Taxation


The course aims to give students a basic understanding of how to treat taxation and VAT issues in trade and industry. Tax and VAT legislation have become increasingly extensive and technically complex, so that financial officers and accountants need to concentrate on learning tax law and VAT law. In order to make appropriate choices between various financial alternatives, one must often understand the difficult interplay between the rules of accounting, company law, tax and VAT law. If a financial officer or accountant lacks insight into tax-related consequences, he/she is unable to treat several of the everyday problems faced by companies.

Course content

  • Tax liability¬†in Norway
  • General company taxation
  • Exemption model
  • Shareholder model
  • Partnership model
  • Enterprise model
  • The VAT principle and extent of obligation to pay duty
  • Withdrawal fee
  • Deduction for input VAT and adjustment
  • Compensation for VAT to municipalities, etc.


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