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Creating Value in the Future Energy Ecosystem


This course is part of the Executive Master of Management in Energy in cooperation with BI Norwegian Business School and IFP School.

The course consists of two main parts, International negotiations and coaching, and Supply chain and operations management.

The objective of International negotiations and coaching part is to help the participants to be more effective leaders. These include strategies for conducting successful international negotiations, an understanding of how a coaching style of leadership can be beneficial, and strategies to successfully lead change and innovation. 

The objective of the Supply chain and operations management part of the course is to introduce the main challenges that operations and supply chain managers face, as well to discuss how to deal with those challenges. For example, it can be argued that supply chain disruptions, advances in technology, and sustainability focus during the last decade had impacted design, planning and execution of companies‘ operations. We will discuss supply chain risk management methods, new business models and contracts, and incorporation of environmental and societal challenges in operational decision-making.

Course content

Key topics in this course are:

  • International negotiations 
  • Coaching
  • Supply chain management 
  • Operations management
  • Sustainability in the energy ecosystem 


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