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Creative Industries Management


The creative industry experience is experiencing a tighter framework compared to past times. Consequently, cultural management has become a separate subject to describe more specific challenges and opportunities for leaders in the field of creative industry.

Based on general management and organisational theory, research and knowledge, the course focuses on various challenges related to management in the creative industry. How to combine artistic and creative ambition with financial management? How to succeed with interdisciplinary collaboration? How to lead employees with high demands for autonomy? How to combine innovation and risk with performance requirements? How to creating effective groups for creative processes? How to succeed as a freelancer? How to create growth based on voluntary labour? These demands are met on the basis of six of the most prevalent forms of organization in the field of creative industry 1) institutions 2) groups 3) events 4) freelancers 5) network 6) production.

Course content

  • RESPLO: Results, Environment, Structure, Processes and Management in the field of creative industry?
  • Culture Management
  • Institutions - "Art Factory"
  • Groups - "Workshop"
  • Events - "Festival"
  • Freelancers - "Free Space"
  • Network - "Nomadic Camp"
  • Production - "Project"


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