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Creativity and Aesthetics in Organisations


Creativity in organizations is here understood as the production of novel and useful ideas, products or processes. Creativity is the basis for the development of organizational innovation and competitive advantage, which is crucial today. This course takes the students to a journey through basic theories and practices of creativity, which are explored at an individual, group and organizational levels. Drawing widely on examples of both traditional organizations and creative industries, this course offers a novel aesthetical perspective on creativity. This means to understand how creativity is also influenced by the emotional and sensorial characteristics of the work environment like social interactions, workspace design, architecture and other aesthetical factors. The aesthetic approach adopted in this course is an innovative tool that students will learn to use in order both to gain a deep comprehension of the creative process and to manage it effectively.

By the end of this course, students will both be provided with theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences of creative processes and practices. This course will be interesting to those students who are aware of the importance of creativity and innovation in today’s organizations and aim to acquire useful approaches and methods to manage them in their future workplaces.

Course content

Topic 1: Introduction to creativity

  • Creative economy
  • Creative process

Topic 2: Aesthetics, organizational culture and creativity

Topic 3: Creativity at an individual level

  • Idea generation and creativity techniques

Topic 4: Creativity in groups

  • Creative leadership

Topic 5: Creativity in organizations

  • Organizational culture and climate
  • Aesthetic methods to analyse organizations

Topic 6: Creative ecosystems

Topic 7: From creativity to innovation

  • Diffusion of innovation
  • Building innovative organizations
  • Design Thinking: Managing the innovation process

Topic 8: Creativity and aesthetics in organizations: Future scenario


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