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Cross Cultural Management


In this course, students gain knowledge and skills useful for an international management career. Cross cultural management is a field of research close to international business and intercultural communication studies. The students will learn of key cultural dimensions, management issues that emerge as the result of cultural differences between two countries, and ways to deal the issues. This course is designed to give Bachelor of International Management students tools to prepare for their experiences for their third year abroad and for exchange students to reflect on practical uses of their international experiences.

Course content

  • Cross-cultural management research paradigms.
  • Key cross-cultural concepts. Their similarities, differences and how to apply them (Geert Hofstede, GLOBE, Alfons Trompenaars, Edward Hall).
  • Business behavior in different regions, Europe, Americas, Australasia, Africa, Asia, the Middle East. 
  • Consequences of cultural differences for:
    • negotiations
    • conflict resolution
    • marketing
    • human resource management
    • strategy and organizing
    • leadership and teamwork
    • accounts and financial reporting
    • communication  
  • Ethics and empathy - Intercultural communicative competence.


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