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Cross Cultural Management


During this Cross Cultural Management course, students will further develop skills needed for international management. The core of the course is how management tasks such as planning, staffing, organising, directing and planning operations are affected by cultural differences. Hence, developing cross-cultural management skills are crucial for an international career. 

Cross cultural management uses an interdisciplinary approach with perspectives from the management fields international business and intercultural communication. Classroom sessions will be based on international research discussions, group work simulations, video-taped exercises and case studies. Findings from cross-country market research and cases will focus on issues related to international companies operating in two or more culturally different countries. This course will help students prepare and deal with their experiences as exchange students. 

Course content

  • Understanding key cross-cultural theory and terminology.  Culture theory’s roots in anthropology and communication studies, Hofstede, GLOBE, Trompenaars, Schein, Adler, Hall.
  • Differences in business behavior in key regions, Europe, Americas, Australasia, Africa, Asia, the Middle East. 
  • Knowledge of the countries program students may choose for the year abroad (not relevant for exchange students coming to Norway).
  • Cross-border market research
  • Corporate culture, structure and global strategy
  • Managing cultural differences: negotiations, leadership, conflict resolution, marketing, IHRM, diversity management, global teams, work life
  • Ethical dilemmas, discrimination, prejudice, stereotyping
  • Intercultural communication competence


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