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CSR, Innovation and Strategy for Sustainable Business



Addressing sustainable management and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a requirement in today's business. Civil society, media and governments increasingly expect that companies should look beyond short-term profit toward a broader goal of long-term sustainable value creation. The launch of UN Sustainable Development Goals also calls for a broader business agenda. Still, the approach applied by many companies is not capturing the potential good for business and society. 

The risk of sustainability and CSR failures is well-illustrated through many CSR-related scandals. The purpose of CSR engagement, however, is not only to reduce risk. Addressed, CSR and sustainability appropriately provide opportunities to improve day-to-day business, develop a competitive advantage, and improve reputation and brand. Sustainability and CSR are strong drivers of profitable innovation which will be a key element in this course.

The course addresses how to approach CSR and sustainability in day-to-day business – and align these considerations with overall business strategy. Issues addressed are: climate and environment, human rights, ethics, sustainability, corruption, supplier relations, community involvement, relevant international laws and regulations, interaction with stakeholders like government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and media, social responsible investment (SRI), as well as reputation and branding. Innovation, circular economy, implementation and communication related to CSR will be addressed in the course.

  • This course and GRA 6841 Energy in Green Transition: Markets, Policies and Business Innovation can be taken individually or be combined.

Course content

The course will be based on faculty and guest lectures as well as group work and discussions. These are the key topics covered:

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability - applying the Sustainable Development Goals as a basis for business strategy corporate development
  2. Customer attitude vs behavior challenges and nudge - circular economy and sustainable business models
  3. Innovation and strategy for sustainability
  4. Stakeholder management with focus on non-governmental organizations and media - identifying win-win opportunities.
  5. Stakeholdership and partnered governance in the global economy
  6. Socially Responsible Investment


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