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Data Protection and Ethics in the Modern Business Environment


The course will provide insight into the fundamental concepts in data protection law, a set of norms governing the processing of personal data (information) and protecting the privacy and related interests of individuals. The course will delve into the key ethical concerns related to the use of personal information by businesses and explore the data protection and privacy concerns associated with emerging technologies such as the use of artificial intelligence in decision-making and the challenges of big data.

With a business and practical perspective, the course will equip students with the knowledge and skills to design and implement effective data protection and privacy strategies.

Course content

  • Fundamentals of privacy and data protection
  • GDPR and regulation of automated decisions
  • Data protection principles and ethical use of data
  • Privacy by design and data protection impact assessments (DPIA)
  • Rules on international transfer of data
  • Data ethics in the digital economy
  • The future of data protection in light of new technologies


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