Excerpt from course description

Developing and Implementing International Marketing Strategies


Globalisation of markets and industries forces firms to take an active stance to international markets. This course addresses the process that firms undergo in their international marketing endeavour and treats critical issues in developing and implementing marketing strategies in international markets.

Course content

  1. Introduction. (Week 1)
    • Presentation
    • Course format and course overview
    • Assignments, cases, group formation etc
    • Decisions in international marketing, market information and learning
  2. Development of international marketing strategy (Week 2-6)
    • Globalisation and marketing
    • Strategic thrust of international marketing
    • Entry modes in international marketing – an overview
    • Standardisation and adaptation in international markets
    • Monitoring international marketing / relations with network partners
  3. Implementing international marketing / commercial agreements (Week 7-12
    • Introduction to negotiations
    • Contracts and contract law
    • Jurisdiction/choice of law
    • International conventions
    • Contract theory
    • Contract stages and clauses – general overview
    • Guest lectures from industry
  4. Negotiation seminar (Week 13)


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