Excerpt from course description

Digital Value Creation


Modern digital technologies affect how companies create value for customers, users, owners, and stakeholders. The changes are manifest in both the activities that firms perform and the resources that they rely on for activity performance. A key effect of digital technologies is changing the economics of activity performance and resource use with implications for key functional areas such as marketing, logistics, finance, HR, and strategy. The course will provide students with a conceptual frame of reference for understanding firms in the digital age.

Course content

  • Digital activities and resources
  • Drivers of performance and implications for strategy
  • How different business logics are affected by digital technologies
    • Value chains (manufacturing firms)
    • Value shops (customer problem solving, e.g. medical, engineering, consulting firms)
    • Value networks (e.g. telecommunication operators, financial services, social and transactional platforms)
    • Value access (e.g. hotels and cloud server operations)
  • Analyzing activities and resources with particular attention to use of digital technologies
  • Configuring value creation


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