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Economics Consulting: Cases


lndustrial organization (IO) analyses the boundary of firms and the relationship between firms and markets. lndustrial organization constitutes the theoretical underpinning of economics consulting. The purpose of this course is twofold: First to enhance the students' understanding of  the field of industrial economics. Second to demonstrate how the principals of industrial organization are applied within economics consulting, through real-world cases. Professionals from the industry will give guest lecturers.

Examples of topics include: incentives and contracts, price discrimination and Ramsey pricing, acquisitions and mergers, auctions, economic implications of the competition law, regulation, and innovation. 

Course content

The course covers topics as:

  • Bargaining and efficiency
  • B2B contracts and vertical relations
  • Quality and price choices of firms
  • Theories of optimal pricing (Ramsey pricing)
  • Theories of regulation 
  • Regulation of the telecom market and other markets
  • Competition policy and collusion
  • Auctions

Example of cases:

  • Price discrimination in the grocery market
  • Telecommunication and access pricing,
  • The book market and RPM contracts
  • Pricing of port services and the Ramsey principle
  • Litigation case: overcharge in the Telecommunications markets


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